Worried about web accessibility lawsuits?

On June 12, 2023, the California Assembly’s Judiciary Committee amended Assembly Bill (AB) 1757, introducing language that would effectively require all California websites to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA. The law could profoundly change the legal landscape. By requiring conformance with WCAG 2.1, the bill would establish firm technical requirements…

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WordPress 6.2.2 – what’s in this update

WordPress 6.2.2 What’s NewCreditsFreedomsPrivacy Maintenance and Security Releases Version 6.2.2 addressed a security issue and fixed 1 bug. For more information, see the release notes. Version 6.2.1 addressed some security issues and fixed 30 bugs. For more information, see the release notes. Welcome to WordPress 6.2.2 WordPress 6.2 includes more than 292 enhancements and 394 bug fixes. This page…

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Why launch a WordPress Website?

In the world of ever changing, evolving technology, it’s harder to launch an activate your brand’s website and get found on search engines organically. Search engine optimization and Google advertising and online marketing can get expensive for start-ups. Survival of the fittest means those with either venture-capital backing, private family investors, angel investors or deep…

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How to add a new user to your WordPress Site

How To Add A New User Go to your WordPress admin page and log in to your website. https://www.youdomain.com/wp-admin If you’re not sure of your password, you can click “Lost Password” to reset it. Now that you’re in the WordPress dashboard, click on Users in the left sidebar. Towards the top of the screen, click Add New.…

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What is accessiBe? accessiBe is the leading AI-powered web accessibility solution that makes websites accessible to people with disabilities, and compliant with the WCAG, ADA, and other accessibility legislation. By using AI and automation, accessiBe signficantly reduces costs and time, making web accessibility achievable for all businesses. MAKING THE WEB INCLUSIVE FOR ALL The #1 Automated …

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Getting SiteGround support

Broekman is here to help as well! For our clients, we provide web hosting, cPanel, FTP, email and Wordpress management/maintenance support. We get it. Things happen. We know that hiccups happen.  Lucky for you, we deliver the best methodologies to reverse engineer a fix because we’ve already been through the trial and error. There really…

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google logo

Googlization is the key to your digital marketing success

Googlization Action Plan In the coming week, we will unveil dedicated pages for each of these amazing programs. SEO Package – every Google program starts here. This assume that you’ve got a website and a business to promote. Be it a service, product or non-profit, you’re going to need to rank in Google to survive! …

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Real Estate Marketing – 36 digital marketing, advertising & PR tips

You’re looking for a strategy to drive more people to you and your company and increase profits. We understand how to give you an edge over your competitors and enable you to reach people through a variety of tactics. We can not only help you generate new leads and land new deals, but we can…

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WordPress 5.6.2 – what you need to know

Welcome to WordPress 5.6.2. WordPress 5.6.2 brings you countless ways to set your ideas free and bring them to life. With a brand-new default theme as your canvas, it supports an ever-growing collection of blocks as your brushes. Paint with words. Pictures. Sound. Or rich embedded media. Maintenance and Security Releases Version 5.6.2 addressed 5 bugs.…

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siteground hosting

WordPress Hosting with Siteground

We partnered with SiteGround on more than 10 WordPress websites and have had an incredible experience. As much as we love loyalty to platforms with wonderful customer services (and fast cars) from the past, we are finding there are highly reliable partners that serve all clients needs. What we digg? Caching and Cloudflare included SSL…

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Checking WordPress website for compatibility before upgrading PHP to 7.X

If you are an digital marketing agency and you find yourself with a new client that has an older WordPress website having performance issues (or if you yourself are starting a new job managing an existing WordPress website, but not sure what’s wrong), I HIGHLY recommend that you start with an AUDIT of the website…

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WordPress 5.2.2 Update

Welcome to WordPress 5.2.2 Congratulations on updating to WordPress 5.2.2! This update makes it easier than ever to fix your site if something goes wrong. Version 5.2.2 What’s NewCreditsFreedomsPrivacy Maintenance and Security Releases Version 5.2.2 addressed 13 bugs. For more information, see the release notes. Version 5.2.1 addressed 33 bugs. For more information, see the release notes. Keeping Your Site…

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WordPress 5.1

What’s new with WordPress 5.1

Welcome to WordPress 5.1 You’ve successfully upgraded to WordPress 5.1! Following WordPress 5.0—a major release which introduced the new block editor—5.1 focuses on polish, in particular by improving overall performance of the editor. In addition, this release paves the way for a better, faster, and more secure WordPress with some essential tools for site administrators and…

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Really Simple SSL WP Plugin

How to setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools

Big thank you to Really Simple SSL for developing an amazing plugin that successfully forces every SSL Certificate we launch and enables https:// to kick in. This post is directly from their website! Follow these to a T! Oh wait, If you didn’t already install Really Simple SSL after Getting your SSL certificate, download here…

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wordpress 5.0

How to disable Gutenberg – How to fix Website after WordPress 5.0 Update

WordPress 5.0 “broke” our sites. But not really… As part of our WordPress maintenance programs, we handle updating WordPress & plugins constantly for our clients. Yes, after WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg was installed, we did find editing pages and posts rather challenging. The platform is amazing if you are launching a brand new website or blog.…

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Broekman Communications - marketing & PR agency

End of Life of PHP 5 – Upgrade to PHP 7 by 12-31-18

Big thank you and shout out for WordFence for monitoring, managing, education and publishing key invaluable articles that help webmasters, website developers and website managers around the world protect their clients and their websites! 🙂 Next steps: 1. As always, before I do anything, ensure back-ups of website & database are in place so that…

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Digital Marketing Agency – Preliminary Scope of Work

We’ve seen a surge in referrals asking for proposals. We therefore created this page to help with intake interviews and preliminary scope of work to determine what tactics are key to our collaboration. Below is a quick preliminary scope of work list to guide our collaboration. (1) Transform brands and professionalize corporate culture. (2) Encourage collaborative environments.
(3) Facilitate process that taps into your creativity, getting into the heads of your leadership & management, and translate that vision into tangible results.

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facebook advertising

How to Add Facebook Pixels to WordPress-based website

Using Facebook with WordPress When we want to really track how Facebook ads are performing on websites we manage and get a deeper understanding of our audience interaction and, of course, determine success of campaigns…. getting a pixel installed on your site will LINK that advertising from Facebook with your website’s visitor traffic information. The…

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Vaughan – Welcome to WordPress 4.7

Welcome to WordPress 4.7 Presenting Twenty Seventeen A brand new default theme brings your site to life with immersive featured images and video headers. Twenty Seventeen focuses on business sites and features a customizable front page with multiple sections. Personalize it with widgets, navigation, social menus, a logo, custom colors, and more. Our default theme for…

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9 Hidden Features in the WordPress Media Library Only Power Users Know

Discovered amazing article written by Tom Ewer of wpmudev! Solid resources & tips here. READ BELOW! https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/wordpress-media-library-hidden-features/ Published on September 12, 2015 HIGHLIGHTS Can use as FREE image compression tool Create central repository of all images for project Quick editing tools for work on the road (vs using Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc.) Using FREE downML – Download Media…

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Creating an ADA-compliant website

Special thanks to Nicole Nash, Web Designer at TechRepublic for a putting together a SOLID good summary and checklist!!! Reposting this amazing content as a resource for clients who are interested and are prioritizing. UPDATE: Please consider using accessibe for all your ADA & WCAG Compliance needs. Read more here. We are a partner. https://www.broekmancomm.com/accessibe/…

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ThinkStockPhotos.com and iStockPhotos.com – Getty Images

We use both ThinkStockPhotos.com AND iSTOCKPHOTO.COM for your Stock Photo needs ThinkStockPhotos.com is $299 for a one-month subscription. StockPhoto is $399 for a one-month subscription. You definitely have access to a “greater variety” on iStockPhoto, but BOTH usually meet average needs. Some of our clients have to move to a per image license basis as…

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How to transfer domain from Register.com to GoDaddy.com

TRANSFER AWAY FROM REGISTER.COM For those that need help with transferring their website domain from Register.com to GoDaddy, here’s the link to a how-to page on GoDaddy.com…. conveniently copied here for your convenience. https://www.godaddy.com/help/transfer-away-from-registercom-8033 Before you can transfer your domain name registered with Register.com to us, you need to prepare your domain name so it…

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Paypal – DPRP is Disabled.

Let’s start from the beginning. DPRP stands for DirectPayment Recurring Payments. It’s a module that enables you to have multiple payments, subscriptions and recurring payments with your shopping cart forms when using PayPal API integrated. For instance, we use PayPal with our favorite 3rd party form company, JotForm (www.jotform.com). Been using them for YEARS, if not…

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WordPress Maintenance and Security

WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE & UPGRADES For over 15 years, we’ve been developing, managing, updating and moderating WordPress-based websites. One thing we’ve learned along the way, similar to ANY website and ANY content management system, keeping the foundation integrity solid requires minimal, but constant digital TLC = aka love, care and maintenance (like any relationship!). In today’s…

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WordPress maintenance

WORDPRESS MAINTENANCE & UPGRADES For over 10 years, we’ve been developing, managing, updating and moderating WordPress-based websites. One thing we’ve learned along the way, similar to ANY website and ANY content management system, keeping the foundation integrity solid requires minimal, but constant love and care = AKA maintenance.As part of our one-off or monthly retainers,…

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Real Estate Publicist Jeremy Broekman

Why is my site slow?

SEMRUSH produced THE best Page Speed tutorial ever and deserve incredible street cred for assembling a real solution. If you are embarking on self fixes, use the below! ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE: https://www.semrush.com/blog/page-speed What Is Page Speed? Page speed (also called “load speed”) measures how fast the content of a page loads. From an SEO standpoint,…

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Heatmaps – tracking what visitors click on your website

Tracking visitors with Google Analytics or Statcounter is one thing, but really understanding what catches their eye and what they click on? COME ON, you totally want to know. WELL thanks to APPSUMO, we’ve got a free wordpress plugin to install. Heat maps with 1-click will show you instantly where people are clicking so you…

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Themeforest – favorite source for WordPress Themes

Professional WordPress Themes & Website Templates for any project Discover thousands of easy to customize themes, templates & CMS products, made by world-class developers. At Themeforest, you can buy website templates aka themes for WordPress in addition to HTML, Shopify, Magento, Jamstack, and many other content management systems like Joomla and Drupal with prices ranging…

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