BROEKMAN communications brings an incredible impact to individuals, start-ups, corporate teams, non-profits, real estate teams, executive coaches and entrepreneurs. For over 18 years, BROEKMAN communications has been one of the leading providers of consulting and coaching services to small and medium sized businesses. We help people and organizations unleash their creativity; we empower people and walk them through the process.

  • Assessment

    We assess a prospect’s issues and opportunities, and deliver a roadmap for the improvement of the business’ performance and profitability.

  • Marketing Plan

    We see the big picture and we design a strategic marketing plan giving you your best foot forward.

  • Methodologies

    We work with local entrepreneurs to address their own specific needs, using proven methodologies to identify problem areas and uncover opportunities for the client company.

  • Local, Regional Focus

    While the 50% of our clients are in California, we have numerous regional, national and internationally clients that we learn from.

  • Industries

    While we have served a broad cross-section of industries, we’ve really honed in on helping start-ups, retail, real estate, entertainment, education, financial services, professional services, technology and non-profits.

  • Next Level Ready?

    To find out how BROEKMAN communications can help your company/organization move to the next level, CONTACT US!


  • Ideal clients are exploring collaboration in a team environment
  • BROEKMAN will bring their professional experience and client will bring their best listening / hearing game to explore ALL elements of a SWOT analysis (exploring Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
  • Possess good communication skills so that we can work through the push and pull of the development of our approach, and ultimately of a tailored marketing/branding plan for your organization.
  • Be open to new ideas and creativity. Some new paths open new doors. AND, revisiting tried paths, sometimes yields different (and often better) results when done right.
  • BROEKMAN is open to building physical meetings into our process
    AND open to maximize engagement with limited travel budget by focusing
    screensharing, conference calls, emails, cell/text, DropBox/Google Drive documentation, Slack/work environments, etc.
  • Collaboration is 100% performance based.
    • What you put in is what you get out.
    • Energy invested, creativity/marketing power earned. 🙂