Proud to be a collaboration partner with Organic Communication – one of the leading Offsites & Retreats (Live & Virtual) for legal, corporate & entertainment clientele.

Organic Communication’s expert retreat and meeting facilitators create meaningful opportunities for professionals to think strategically and collaborate effectively.

Our sessions build connection, inspire creativity, enable clarity and drive commitment.

Team members return to their organization with a greater sense of purpose and passion for their practice.


Organic Communication corporate retreats are specifically designed to meet the needs of your retreat attendees. In a pre-retreat discussion, we identify your organization’s goals for the retreat, and clarify the skills and knowledge the attendees hope to take away with them at the retreat’s end. Matching your requests with our expertise, your retreat is designed with those desired outcomes in mind.


Retreats begin by facilitating new ways for participants to connect with one another, professionally and personally. The stage is set for collaboration and interaction that allows for meaningful engagement with colleagues. We plant the seeds for innovative partnerships, collaborative efforts and cross-selling services that grow and keep business within your organization. Participants return to their organizations with an identification of common goals and shared purpose.


High achievers tend to be competitive. Redirecting that competitive drive away from internal competition and channeling it into competing with possibility generates innovation—new thinking, new approaches and better outcomes. Organic Communication facilitators guide participants through thought-provoking activities and engaging conversations that challenge their innate resistance to change, old ways of thinking and traditional business models. Attendees go back to their organizations with ideas and strategies to develop collaborative partnerships and build an enterprise culture. Equipped with effective business models that serve both financial objectives and professional values, attendees emerge with the will and knowledge to undertake new and creative ways to deliver the high quality and responsive services that their clients expect.


Sustaining a high-performing organization begins with clarity—about what’s happening now,  the direction the organization wants to take next, and where it ultimately wants to be. Navigating successfully from “now” to “next” is the collective responsibility of the members of the organization. Organic Communication facilitates conversations that elucidate and demystify the opportunities and obstacles for sustainability and success. Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? Who needs to be on board to accomplish your objectives and goals? What are the very real challenges and threats you face and what must be done to overcome them? What are stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities in driving positive and productive long-term change? Participants leave the retreat with focus and a road map to move forward toward excellence.


A great outcome of our retreats is that attendees emerge with a strong sense of commitment. Commitment is a two-sided coin, with organizational culture on one side (internal commitment) and client service on the other (external commitment). Retreat participants deepen their commitment to advancing their collaborative and innovative goals while simultaneously committing to focus on a primary result: high-quality work for clients and customers.

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