Creative / Social Media / Marketing Director

Partnership collaboration with Structure HomeGreen Builder Media‘s Vision House LA and Prudential in Brentwood. Developed website and online brand.
* Develop online brand for Vision House LA, a collaboration between developer Structure Home and Green Builder Media.
* Represent Prudential Real Estate.
* Develop & Launch property website promoting green luxury Palisades home.
* Launch social media campaign including Facebook FanPage ( and deploy other tools.
* Oversee photoshoot and video production.
* Created dedicated property website using address! Domain acquired since let go for future sale of property.

FROM DEVELOPER STRUCTURE HOME Home partnered with Green Builder® Media and developed VISION House® Los Angeles. VISION House® Los Angeles was a demonstration home, featuring improved products, building practices, systems and solutions that enhance energy efficiency, air and water quality, durability and resource preservation. The goal of the project was to raise awareness, educate and advocate sustainable and green building within our community. The home was open for tours for a sixty-day demonstration period.VISION House® Los Angeles was designed as a system for “whole lot living” where everyday functions between the indoor and outdoor environments occur naturally and seamlessly. The architectural design draws from indigenous California mission style and springs forward with strong contemporary lines to reflect the project’s visionary goals.A street garden seating area and water feature were designed to welcome the neighborhood into this special home. The landscape design, was a compliment to the design objective as well. A peaceful, meandering path (“Via De La Paz”) lead visitors to a secluded courtyard, the homes entry experience. The home interior contained all the functions your family requires in an open plan form facilitating contemporary and informal lifestyles. Interior design and finishes reflect a warm and welcome compliment to the presentation of this whole living system. Expansive glass walls accommodate a transparent experience of the homes interior space and exterior gardens. Inviting gardens surround the entire periphery of the building…at every access point…and spread out to maximize the use of the entire property.Feel free to watch some of the VISION House footage to get a feel for this home.  VISION House® Los Angeles is now certified USGBC LEED Silver.

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