Our clients engages us as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for hire.

By acting as an extension of your office, seeing the full picture, paying attention to the small details and analyzing internal/external communications, the BROEKMAN communications team walks our clients through a thorough situation assessment.

Collectively, we develop a strategic, visionary, consistent, cohesive and comprehensive communication campaign that meets your tactical needs and exceeds your expectations.

We combine strong organization, marketing drive and communications expertise with a creative eye on design, focus on high-impact branding and a strategic perception-building PR lens.

Brand Management & Marketing

Branding Services:

Product Positioning, Product Launch & Promotions

Brand Management, Messaging & Marketing

Third-party Sponsorship & Retail Partnerships

Corporate Identity, Logo & Image Building

Website Development & Traffic Building

Channel, Consumer & B2B Marketing

Copywriting & Content Development

Target/Segment Market Campaigns

Sales & Corporate Events

Sales & Corporate

Database Development & Management

Sales & Marketing Collateral Development

The Buyer-focused Sales Process® Training

Ad Development / Media Buying Campaigns

Loyalty Programs & Added Value Incentives

Relationship Management & Alliance Building

Presentations, Trade Shows & Event Management

Corporate Sponsorship Campaigns

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications/PR

Communications Strategy & Plan Development

Press Releases, Backgrounders & Fact Sheets

Communication Boilerplates & Templates

Press Kits & Sponsorship Binders

Target audience awareness building

Creating/Maximizing Exposure with Publicity

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Business Plans Creation for Start-ups

Strategic Plan Development

Business Reengineering & Development

Turnaround Management Strategy

Situation Assessment & Brand Audits

Industry & Market Research

BROEKMAN communications provides companies with visionary business plan development, graphic design, strategic communication advisement, image building tools and brand management programs for clients across all industries.

Blast Email Development

Blast Email

We build brand new email accounts using Constant Contact, MailChimp, MyEmma and more. We design email templates tailored to client needs for maximum impact. We deliver calls to action, copywriting, images and more. We develop target email lists. We set-up reporting measuring results.

Blogs & Social Media

Blogging & Social Media

As expert graphic designers, we offer complimentary design services to assist content writers, copywriters, agencies and freelancers with access to visual communication. From providing custom featured images for websites & blog per WordPress specifications to designing the perfect instagram, facebook, twitter or linkedin featured image per latest guidelines, we shall deliver!

PowerPoint Design

Design PowerPoint Presentations

We create clean, corporate presentations including custom design work. Custom cover page. Custom page template. Beautifully design pages. Transitions management. Flawless execution.

Brochure Development

Marketing/Sales Collateral

We develop clean, corporate brochures, designed channel marketing/sales collateral, concise corporate communications/PR tools, and product/advertising solutions.

Graphic Design

$150.00 Hourly Rate

100s of clients outsource their graphic design work including flyers, postcards, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, marketing collateral and more.

Visual Arts

Visual Communication

We work with your copy guy and/or art director to pair your client copy/text with the right graphics, images, vector art and design elements.