How to build a Facebook Fanpage in 10 minutes

Things you’ll need to set up your Facebook Page Important pre-page clarification: Information from your personal Facebook profile won’t appear on your Facebook Page unless you share it there. Your profile and Page are considered separate on Facebook.  Business Name and description A profile photo and cover photo. Profile photo – your badge – ideally…

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LinkedIn Marketing Agency

BROEKMAN communications is a 10+ year Linkedin Marketing Agency specializing in setting up your personal profile, Company Pages, Slideshare, Groups, Showcase Pages, Sponsored Updates and LinkedIn Ads. Posting Use posting to share your professional expertise, experiences and anecdotes with your connections and the larger community. Posts are a quick way of staying connected with your…

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Linkedin for Business

Linkedin is a central part of our Lead Generation, Thought Leadership, Building Personas/profiles and Business Development funnel for our clients. While we value many social media platforms, we highly recommend to lay a strong foundation with a platform that makes it possible to effectively showcase your thought leadership. LinkedIn offers prime real estate for doing…

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Schedule an Appointment

Acuity Scheduling is your online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your schedule. Looking to drive your (or your client’s) lead generation website funnel and entice folks with a “Schedule a Call”, “Free Consultation” or “Book an Appointment” approach? We are loving Acuity Scheduling. Sign up here and I believe we can get discount codes for…

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Linkedin Pages – Playbook

Big thanks to Linkedin Marketing Solutions for engaging and equipping agencies like ours with the right tools and resources. Download the Enterprise Playbook Whether you’re in HR and manage a team to advance your talent brand, or in social media and manage a team to promote your corporate brand, this quick read offers actionable guidance…

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Digital Marketing Agency – Preliminary Scope of Work

We’ve seen a surge in referrals asking for proposals. We therefore created this page to help with intake interviews and preliminary scope of work to determine what tactics are key to our collaboration. Below is a quick preliminary scope of work list to guide our collaboration. (1) Transform brands and professionalize corporate culture. (2) Encourage collaborative environments.
(3) Facilitate process that taps into your creativity, getting into the heads of your leadership & management, and translate that vision into tangible results.

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Real Estate Publicist Jeremy Broekman

Branding Agency near me

At the crossroads of strategy and return on engagement/return on investment, BROEKMAN communications delivers strategic brand and identity campaigns. We’ve worked with 100s of clients over a nearly 20 year period. As tech-savvy, innovative and hard-working GenXers at heart coupled with the drive, motivation, determination and persistence of hit-the-ground-running prove-yourself 20-somethings, we’ve got the perfect…

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corporate retreats

Leadership Summits & Corporate Retreats

Proud to be a collaboration partner with Organic Communication – one of the leading Offsites & Retreats (Live & Virtual) for legal, corporate & entertainment clientele. Organic Communication’s expert retreat and meeting facilitators create meaningful opportunities for professionals to think strategically and collaborate effectively. Our sessions build connection, inspire creativity, enable clarity and drive commitment.…

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Key to Successful Communication and Collaboration

Stumbled on this Linkedin Article written back on October 2, 2014. Still just as relevant as ever. Definitely some morsels of value here. MUCH good energy for successful collaborations!  When I was at Universal Studios Television, I worked closely with our internal “creative” department producers, website developers and marketing agencies to develop breakout websites, flash sites,…

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Paypal – DPRP is Disabled.

Let’s start from the beginning. DPRP stands for DirectPayment Recurring Payments. It’s a module that enables you to have multiple payments, subscriptions and recurring payments with your shopping cart forms when using PayPal API integrated. For instance, we use PayPal with our favorite 3rd party form company, JotForm ( Been using them for YEARS, if not…

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Branding / Marketing Coach?

Want to hire a marketing consultant, but feel you can’t afford it? Ready to rebrand, but first want someone to soundboard your ideas?
HIRE BROEKMAN FOR A 1-2 HOUR COACHING CONSULTATION? Broekman will make everything accessible and attainable.
Having offered 100s of past clients business development, branding, publicity, marketing, PR, advertising, social media and IT advice, BROEKMAN has a wealth of knowledge to share including best practices, industry benchmarks, what’s working, and pure gut instinct tailored for you.

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