Digital Marketing Assets & Transfer of Social media handles

Free PSA for Commercial Agents and Business Brokers, As you are completing your Asset Purchase Agreements with clients and preparing sellers to hand over key content and accounts to buyers, make sure that they prepare a list of logins/passwords for those accounts they can easily hand over and walk your clients through logging in to…

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Digital Marketing Agency – Preliminary Scope of Work

We’ve seen a surge in referrals asking for proposals. We therefore created this page to help with intake interviews and preliminary scope of work to determine what tactics are key to our collaboration. Below is a quick preliminary scope of work list to guide our collaboration. Transform brands and professionalize corporate culture. Encourage collaborative environments.…

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corporate retreats

Leadership Summits & Corporate Retreats

Proud to be a collaboration partner with Organic Communication – one of the leading Offsites & Retreats (Live & Virtual) for legal, corporate & entertainment clientele. Organic Communication’s expert retreat and meeting facilitators create meaningful opportunities for professionals to think strategically and collaborate effectively. Our sessions build connection, inspire creativity, enable clarity and drive commitment.…

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Key to Successful Communication and Collaboration

Stumbled on this Linkedin Article written back on October 2, 2014. Still just as relevant as ever. Definitely some morsels of value here. MUCH good energy for successful collaborations!  When I was at Universal Studios Television, I worked closely with our internal “creative” department producers, website developers and marketing agencies to develop breakout websites, flash sites,…

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Guide to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Metrics for Return on investment + Return on Engagement. In the past 3-4 years, marketing has evolved exponentially beyond hits, visitors and referral traffic. Today, a successful marketer needs to be aware and gather intelligence from multiple business units to truly get the full picture. Return on Investment (ROI) is permanently engrained in the brains of all…

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Website Development with WordPress

BROEKMAN communications has a 15-year track record of developing websites with branding, marketing, business development, social media, SEO and PR front-and-center! Our core offering now is website development using WordPress. From helping translate your vision & acting as your art director/creative director, BROEKMAN communications builds amazing high-end websites as YOUR dedicated programmer. Did you know that 17% of all sites online now use WORDPRESS?

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Branding / Marketing Coach?

Want to hire a marketing consultant, but feel you can’t afford it? Ready to rebrand, but first want someone to soundboard your ideas?
HIRE BROEKMAN FOR A 1-2 HOUR COACHING CONSULTATION? Broekman will make everything accessible and attainable.
Having offered 100s of past clients business development, branding, publicity, marketing, PR, advertising, social media and IT advice, BROEKMAN has a wealth of knowledge to share including best practices, industry benchmarks, what’s working, and pure gut instinct tailored for you.

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PR & publicity

Over 15 years experience with studios, entertainment companies, film festival, consumer products, corporations, non-profits, start-ups, millionaires, entrepreneurs and executives starting their freelance operations. We stand as strong PR agency because of OUR impact. We unleash YOUR creativity. We truly empower people. We walk YOU through the process with transparency and giving you ALL our secrets. Finally, we…

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Social Media Consulting

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT + MODERATION.  Brand Management & Online Marketing  Online PR & Publicity  Social Media Campaign Development  Networking & Moderation  Community Engagement Marketing  Consulting Want to see my PINTEREST Board approach to showing you things we care about?   Author Social Media Plan. From Situation Assessment…

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