With every new chapter in collaborating with my clients, I often find myself referencing and quoting books that have made an impact on me. I have always found that NLP (neuro linguistics programming) allows one to mirror behavior of successful people; by soaking in their bios we are able to grab qualities and values that will make us better peeps.

So peruse, read and be inspired!

8 Key Skills of Successful Communicators

Over 90% of the communication problems that plague our life are the dreadful barriers that get in the way of happy relationships and productive interactions. Most of the drama we experience is caused by communication blockers, the regretful words that spring off the tips of our tongues or fingers, ready to cause conflict and chaos.Stop Blocking, Start Connecting shows readers how to transform relationships by recognizing where they get blocked, reducing bad communication habits, removing the 8 common blockers and replacing them with 8 powerful connectors.

All about Motivation 2.0 and 3.0. No more carrot & stick. No discounts. Relationship building.

Generational Marketing. Leadership best practices 2016!

For those interested in leadership, START HERE! PLEASE!

No, you are not in isolation. Mark Whatney is! COURAGE, Start Here!

Outsource your life; Delegate; Make YOU more efficient

Motivating Bio of a brilliant man!

Everyone is looking for a tipping point. Understanding of business types – Salesman, Mavens, Connectors, Hybrids

Breaking down what’s most important. Philosophical journey.

Classic on organizational skills

The book that opened my eyes; inspired year trip to Amsterdam. Whisper to the Universe and it will conspire to help you fulfill your desires.

First spiritual book read in high school. Ultimate in rebuilding, reprogramming NLP style

Interesting read about rise of a young writer to hollywood; all about exploiting, leveraging.