How to use Statcounter

StatCounter’s mission is to help our members easily understand their visitors, so they can make good decisions to become more successful online. Fast, Responsive, Quick loading Service StatCounter was born out of the frustration of Founder and CEO, Aodhán Cullen from using a counter service that was loading slower and slower every single day. This…

Seeking impact, Jewish funders convene in L.A.

Reposted from on March 19, 2013. Article by Jonah Lowenfeld Seeking impact, Jewish funders convene in L.A. BY JONAH LOWENFELD “Philanthropy is what you’ll be remembered for,” Jewish Funders Network (JFN) President Andrés Spokoiny told the 400 attendees at the Beverly Hilton on March 18, the first full day of the group’s annual conference. “Philanthropy is…

Branding / Marketing Coach?

Want to hire a marketing consultant, but feel you can’t afford it? Ready to rebrand, but first want someone to soundboard your ideas?
HIRE BROEKMAN FOR A 1-2 HOUR COACHING CONSULTATION? Broekman will make everything accessible and attainable.
Having offered 100s of past clients business development, branding, publicity, marketing, PR, advertising, social media and IT advice, BROEKMAN has a wealth of knowledge to share including best practices, industry benchmarks, what’s working, and pure gut instinct tailored for you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is real strength of ours. We have a proven track record with SEO basics as part of our Wordpress Website Development projects. We follow many benchmark best practices. We deploy plugins to strengthen site content, communicate better with bots, yield better search engine results and get 1st page ranking quickly. We offer a number of ways to do “after market” SEO programs. Core focus is to yield some natural great ‘organic search’ strength!

Non-profits can apply for NO MONTHLY FEE (FREE) PayPal Payments Pro account

Still have transaction fees for processing credit card transactions for donations, fundraisers, membership, events and school registration fees, but saving $360.00 a year is amazing start to integrating online payments for YOUR non-profit! With an amazing partnership with a Third Party form developer called JotForm (, making shopping carts (or donation forms, event registration forms,…